Big Duck Inflatables

How to deflate your Big Duck hull? Great question, please see below our detailed instructions on the best method we have used over the years. 

1. The first step, please deflate all chambers. To do this, simply remove the chamber valve covers and push the valve stem inwards and then rotate. You will feel air escape and once the valve stem is rotated correctly, air will continue escaping once you let go. Also ensure that the keel chamber is deflated by setting its valve to the open mode as well. 

2. Next, push the floor panels over to one side. 

3. Next, from the side that now has spare room, remove one floor joiner beam. 

4. Next, push the floor panels back to the opposite side. 

5. Next, remove the last floor joiner beam. 

6. Next, go to the two floor panels that are in the middle and lift up at the join. This will de-tension the rest of the floor panels and then you can take the rest of them out carefully one by one. Please be careful not to catch any of the valve covers which are hanging by their cords. 

7. Next, with all chambers now mostly empty of air, go to the transom cones, fold both inwards towards the transom and then start rolling forwards towards the bow. This is the best way to get a tight roll for storage, while also making sure that most of the air has been removed. 

8. From here, you can put your floor panels and floor joiners inside the carry bag, then lastly the hull itself before zipping the carry bag shut. 

Note - If you install the optional retractable wheel set, they add approximately 5% mass to your roll when retracted which is generally speaking unnoticeable.